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Aliganz help you to reduce manufacturing cost by Optimize utilization of invested manufacturing capacity as well as Optimize the engagement of permanent employees.

In Bangladesh, Most of the textile entrepreneurs are first generation entrepreneurs. They start business in small scale, nursing the business& bring it up at today’s stage .

Capability of workforce increase day by day, So most the factory management want to allocate Majorities of manufacture capacity for high value products & reduce the capacity for basic products. some times entrepreneurs were taken investment decision based on fashion trend.Marketing team also try to take diversified products to increase sales value, some times require further investment on capital machinery’s. Some times, investment decision was taken based on Brand’s forecast.

In Practical, most of the factories can’t utilize their full manufacturing capacity with their own orders, means few porting of manufacturing capacity remain idle. Buyers are cutting down lead time. Earlier Lead time was 120 days, now it becomes 21 to 45 days of major customers. So to produce goods within time frame, factories have use the idle capacity of others factories.


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what we have done in investment, most of the factories practice is, observe what others are doing, where others are investing. Taken investment decision based on current trends. We should do feasibility study & consider the return on investment, before investment / expansion  of any manufacturing industries. What ever wrong, we have done in past, we can only recover by Maximum Utilization of existing manufacturing capacity. Top management should focus on selling their idle manufacturing capacity, either by doing own orders or sub-contracting orders. aliganz.com is first digital market place where idle capacity can buy or sell, along with your existing marketing team. It will help industries to optimize the utilization of  manufacturing capacity as well as minimization of cost.

Buy or Sell Textile related Product in a Smarter way

Backward and Forward Linkage industries are connected in Aliganz.com, No of enlisted factories are increasing day by day. It’s a good place where Raw Material like Yarn, Dyes and Chemical, Fabrics etc can sell as well as buy. Textile Machineries & Spare Parts also can buy or sell. If we look into the inventory reports, substantial no of finished garments remain stock in all Ready Made Garments units, it’s a financial burden. To reduce the loses, Aliganz.com also help the industries to sell the leftover garments.

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